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Founded in 2015, GTA Mobile Foot Care was established as a way to take the “legwork” out of foot care. With so many industries recognizing the convenience and benefits of bringing their services to their clients, Zack was determined to do the same for foot care services. With recent technological advances, providing orthotics and comprehensive mobile foot care is now a great time-efficient and stress-reducing alternative to accessing care. The days of waiting in traffic and commuting to your appointment while scheduling appointments around your work and personal life are over. With evening and weekend appointments being made available, GTA Mobile Foot Care will work seamlessly with your schedule to minimize any disruptions to your daily routine. For custom-fitted orthotics, we use college approved 3D laser scanning that provides the same accuracy as plaster casting, without any of the mess. Whether its orthotics, nail care, callus debridement or our array of other services, we bring the care to the comfort of your home or office.

Our services are not covered by OHIP but most private health insurance plans have chiropody coverage. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your coverage. We accept all major credit cards, cash, cheque and e-mail transfer.

Zachary Atlin, B.Sc. (Hons), D.Ch., Chiropodist, Foot Specialist

Zack Atlin received his Bachelor of Science with an honours in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo. He then went on to study Podiatric Medicine at The Michener Institute where he earned his Advanced Graduate Diploma in Chiropody (D.Ch.). During his time at Michener and through clinical experience, he took a keen interest in biomechanics and the prescription of orthotics, as well the management of the diabetic foot. He enjoys practising his entire scope and welcomes all cases.

Zack shows a genuine interest in his patients' health and well-being. He understands how health conditions, from minor to severe, can greatly impact one's quality of life and he treats each patient on an individual basis. With his vast knowledge in foot care and friendly personality, patients feel confident and comfortable while in Zack's care. 

Zack regularly attends various educational seminars, lectures and conferences in order to stay current and provide his patients with the most up-to-date care. He strives to be a leader in the field and is always exploring new advances in technology to better service his patients.

During his spare time, Zack has developed a passion for travelling, playing and coaching various sports and volunteering in a wide array of local initiatives. He enjoys trying new restaurants, spending time with family and is always looking for the next challenge in life.

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